If I were going as a gunslinger for Halloween, I would have to be a steampunk  gunslinger. Maybe even a derbysteam punk/Firefly type gunslinger, you know.

That being said, I’ll now break down this costume into all its various parts.

First thing to consider is the hat. A hat is a must. I like the derby look – so a black or grey derby with the addition of round brass goggles – the kind you might see on a super villain mad scientist type. I like the option to wear these either on my hat or on my face.

The base of the costume would be a tight white blouse with ruffles at the chest and sleeves, a leather corset and knee length brown cotton pants.  Boots, of course, to the knees of the button all the way up the side Victorian variety and spats are a must. I’m thinking black spats, tightly fitted.
Steampunk General Costume

Now we consider accessories. I’m a gunslinger so I need guns. A pair of Smith and Wesson 1917 45acp revolvers ornately decorated will do nicely. The gun holsters will each be attached to their own belt that criss-cross across my waist – thick banded worn brown leather belts. The holsters themselves will be sparse; I want the guns to show.

A third belt covered from end to end with small ammo pockets will go around my torso. This bullet belt is also worn brown leather. All the belts will have large ornate belt buckles – I’m the fancy type of gunslinger – probably a villain – so maybe some evil looking ornate skull designs or something with wings.

The way this steampunk gunslinger costume is going, chains sound like a likely addition. How about a Steampunk Gear Bracelet? And maybe even a walking stick or ornate cane of some kind. I’m thinking thin brass pocket chains connected to the corset, a pocket watch on one and a snuff box on another. steampunk goggles

Jewelry is something that gets in the way, but a brass choker with a pocket watch on it would probably be ok. The last accessory would probably be some sort of armband for holding a small throwing knife. Of course, with the base and the accessories, I cannot forget about the trench coat. A trench coat is an absolute must.

For a fancy, steampunk gunslinger it will have to be a carefully design black oil slick. The coat is split up the back and the two pieces can move easily independently of one another.

Large round buttons at the neeru style collar. The coat should be tailored for a tight fit and expensive looking, but also with some wear like the belts and I like the idea of it being made up of panels that are buttoned together.

So that’s it – my complex, perhaps slightly evil, ornate steam punk gunslinger costume. I’ve done up some drawings. This could work – I can hardly wait until Halloween.

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